Tuesday 8 November: Masterclass sessions


Registration and morning coffee is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided. Choose from:

Masterclass A: Digital twin for smart community development

Ever wondered about digital twins? The potential of this technology? How we leverage this solution for smart community development? This 1-day intensive masterclass will give those involved in smart cities, IT, planning, development and other areas involving digital innovation a solid grounding on this topic. For those already familiar with this powerful data activation capability, there will be opportunities to share where you are at while gaining insights into what is happening in this space across the region and internationally. This session will cover the importance of getting the basics right while exploring a number of use cases, including those specific to smart community development. You’ll then have an opportunity to consider your own strategy and roadmap to leveraging digital twins for your community and stakeholder groups.

Learning outcomes for the masterclass will include:

  • Digital twin as a data activation capability
  • Data activation: use cases for smart community development
  • Digital twin strategy
  • From strategy to roadmap


Jannat Maqbool
Interim Chief Executive Officer, Australia and New Zealand
Smart Cities Council

Jack Barton
Manager, Geospatial Research Innovations and Development
University of New South Wales

Ryan MacVeigh
Manager Digital Solutions Advisory Manager

Stephen Witherden
Senior Technical Director, Software Engineering

Harman Singh
Smart Cities and Places Lead

Masterclass B: How to develop a modern waste management strategy

Having a successful and enforceable waste management plan is not a once done and forget it scenario. As societal expectations change, and environmental sustainability grows to be more critical, your waste management plan needs to reflect the changing attitudes and standards of a modern community.

This intensive 1-day workshop examines the critical areas to consider when reviewing your waste management hierarchy. It will take you through the step-by-step process of collating and drafting the information you need to know to secure your organisation's waste management goals.

  • Outlining the critical areas of concern in the waste management hierarchy when preparing your waste management plan
  • How to implement a 5R review (refuse, reduce, repurpose, recycle, and recycle) to ensure your organisation is a better environmental steward
  • Identifying your waste management goals and developing strategies and tools to ensure you attain those goals
  • Developing a broad understanding of some of the waste management issues that impact your organisation
  • Discovering overlooked areas where you can take reduction measures to limit your waste production
Masterclass C: How to develop modern parking policies and programs that work for your LGA

Population growth and subsequent car ownership continues to increase in Australia. In combination with increased private vehicle usage stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for parking has seen increased pressure placed on Local Government parking infrastructure.

This 1-day intensive policy Masterclass has been designed to ensure you consider each of the key issues and provide comment on the tools and techniques available for you to overhaul your existing policy, framework, and implementation.

  • Utilising data
  • Community consultation
  • Enforcement & compliance
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Car share accomodations
  • EV & driverless vehicles
  • Emerging technologies

Michael Moses
Managing Director
Australian Parking Consultants

Masterclass D: Developing a Data Governance Policy

This masterclass will take a deep dive into the factors that make data so important for local government. You will examine how to create a data governance policy that is fair and secure while examining issues of security, trust and privacy head on. You will also develop skills and strategies to develop a practical and effective data governance policy while mastering how to leverage this data into optimal decision-making.

Learning outcomes for the masterclass will include:

  • Introduction to a data governance policy: Why is it important? What does it look like? Examining the governance structure and a brief introduction to data
  • Integrating security, privacy, data usage, quality and accessibility into your data governance policy/strategy
  • Developing a data governance strategy
  • Leveraging data for optimal decision-making using data governance policy