The big idea

Local government as a sector employs approximately 200,000 people across 537 councils in Australia, encompassing an estimated 145 different professions, roles and responsibilities. As the level of government most intrinsically linked and closest to the communities it serves, it also carries the weight of expectation on citizen and place-based initiatives and outcomes.

Building resilient, smart, economically viable, environmentally aware, happy and healthy communities requires that all departments and functions work together, holistically understanding their internal and external challenges and opportunities and creating efficient strategies for delivery.

It also needs focussed, results-based solutions for the critical areas facing local government leaders and practitioners including:

Local Government Show, taking place 8 – 10 November 2022, brings these 4 knowledge streams together under one roof, allowing attendees access to the content most relevant to them - whether one or multi-stream – whilst also offering previously siloed departments and LGAs the chance to network and share insights, learnings and challenges.

Make Local Government Show your learning, networking and collaboration event of 2022, sanity check your future planning and deliver exceptional outcomes for your community.

From the organisers of Waste Strategy Summit, DigiTech.Local.Gov Summit, Local Government Parking Summit, Smart Local Government Summit, Cities & Regions 4.0 Summit, Government Diversity & Inclusion Summit.

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